The Road Taken.

Countless crossroads I pass in this yellow wood,
Some choices are obvious, the others we loath,
And as a traveller, long indeed I stood,
Examining every leaf of this forest I barely understood,
Nothing but aged footsteps in the undergrowth.

The other paths might have been just as fair,
Or perhaps even the better claim ;
But this road was the one I needed to walk,
Despite the warnings of those who never thought the same.

And the untrodden paths silently they lay,
Mystery’s shade beckoning me,
Oh, that was the price my soul had to pay,
Never knowing what the end of the paths could be.

It has been ages and ages hence,
But I recall each road I never travelled by,
The pounding of my heart may offer me faint resilience,
Yet I still wonder- when will I sigh?


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