And the whole country goes blind;

When I read this, I was (and still am) so thoroughly upset.

That people are resorting to firebombing churches in my own country.

My Malaysia.

This isn’t an act of ignorance, this is a deliberate and malicious act meant to stir up trouble; to enrage hearts, to cripple unity. It wasn’t one church, nor two, it was THREE churches being firebombed. Not to mention the infamous cow-head protests that ashamed not just the Hindus in our country, but every single Malaysian who has a remote understanding of religious tolerance, of liberty, of peace.

Perhaps we are lucky that no one got hurt (as far as I am aware of), but this act wasn’t meant to take lives; for it was a symbolic one. It was meant to show that dissent will not be tolerated, that if people don’t sit down and shut up, they will be punished.

But we as Malaysian are better than that. We are capable of self-control, and will not fight fire with fire. We must remain calm, for violence and stupidity can only be tamed with determination, sense and rectitude.

After all, buildings may be demolished, but ideas.




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