Go, go Balloon Rangers.

I just did the coolest thing today.

So Waimeng and I were in the Curve, and there were these red and white balloons cellotaped to the back of each seat at TGI Fridays (so cute right, Najmuddin had 2 whilst everyone else had one / I like TGIF because it makes the effort to do all these cute things for its customers). And he had the most brilliant idea! Instead of leaving the balloons (unappreciated and facing impending deflation) where they were- he suggested collecting them all up and giving them away to little kids- the ones roaming the shopping mall holding hands with their parents, to make them, and also us, a bit happier.

What a sight it was, two overgrown boys (okay maybe only him) tearing the balloons off the backs of the chairs and holding them in bundles; I’m pretty sure there were many confused glances in our direction. But it was so fun! Not the sort of exhilarating fun we feel when we play catching in the playground (sometimes the supermarket), but the warm and fuzzy fun which spreads slowly from the core of your body to your fingers and teeny toes. It was really exciting to see the reaction of the children’s parents- some gave us a warm, although slightly shy, smile, whilst there was one pair of grumpy parents who didn’t even acknowledge us  (-_-) . It certainly doesn’t seem so hard to imagine why some people turn out to be such warm, caring people, and others turn out to be emotionless, heartless mammals (okay, maybe I shouldn’t have used that word), especially when children grow up modelling their parent’s behaviour, and the latter children end up becoming total replicas of their parents. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle..

But at any rate, the children were so charming (my eyes light up even as I type this word)! Their eyes widened as they saw such a big, round, coloured object as they cautiously reached their hands out towards it, and scrutinizing it slowly as they held it. “This, is a balloon,” I could almost see them think. 🙂 Some were even more adorable! There was this one kid (wearing blue clothes, if my memory serves me right) who initially hid behind his mother’s skirt, and then ran away after deciding that the balloon was too intimidating. We saw this kid right outside of Laundry, and he ran right into the whole maze of chairs and tables- his mother had to find him and coax him into coming out again. We ended up passing the balloon to the mother after that.

It was a nice feeling, seeing the backs of these families, walking away in the opposite direction, holding something, that you knew, you gave them.


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