[Text Message Memory Over 95% Full]

Today, as I went through my (tiny) message inbox on my phone, I realized that I have a habit of not deleting text messages from my (ancient) phone, although the said messages could be a year old (or older), because I’m such a sentimental person hahahaha. (:

For example:


[Sender]: Cxxxx

[Date/Time]: 29/12/08, 01:03

[Message]: Keeefeemonobrowfatcheeks! Happy birthday! OMG u is sixteen like finali. U totally shud nomnomnom everythin in da world tomorrowz. Have an awesumz day! Lik Srsly.

(Ok why did I keep a message that totally degrades me hahah)


And even this one from my mommy!

[Sender]: Mommy

[Date/Time]: 19/3/2009, 13:41

[Message]: Love you too. What time arriving

(How can I delete something so sweet)


There really are like, 200 more messages I’ve accumulated over the years, and it’s really sad when I reach a certain point where I have no choice but to delete a few of them.  Pressing that ‘delete’ button feels like I’m not just erasing a message, but something that has, in its own small way, made me the person I am today. All the ‘thank you’s, ‘happy birthday’s, and ‘good luck’s still make me feel so warm and fuzzy when I browse through them on a quiet day. In a way, the messages also give the affection people show me a form of permanence (especially when a person is blessed with a memory as bad as mine /sigh).

Forgetting is such an injustice.

I’m actually feeling  so sentimental over my message inbox. I should just get a new phone. lol.


9 thoughts on “[Text Message Memory Over 95% Full]

  1. HAHA. I’m also pretty sentimental over the messages in my inbox. Tak sampai hati to erase them >( Whenever I feel sad or whatever, I’ll read through all my messages in my inbox. Heh. Aww, your mum’s so cute 🙂

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