7 Things.

7 Known Things About You

1. I strut and swagger when I walk.

2. I have a tendency to burst out into song, especially in public places.

3. I abuse emoticons. (:

4. I am probably more emotional than I would like to admit.

5. I smile at complete strangers on the street.

6. I dislike following rules, and sometimes break them just to show that they can be broken.

7. I like hugs!

7 Lesser Known Things About You

1. I sleepwalk (and sleeptalk), and have intense nightmares.

2. I don’t like to throw things away.

3. I don’t like alcohol and mirrors.

4. I feel sad when I see people sitting alone in restaurants.

5. I bite my fingers when I’m nervous.

6. If I were an animal, I would probably be a chameleon.

7. I listen to mainly pop music, and am proud of it.

7 Wishes

1. To be a more emotionally sensitive person, and perhaps for others to do the same.

2. That everyone can eventually, figure out what they want from life, and live with no regrets.

3. To start reading more literature.

4. To appear on GMH / FML / MLIA (or all three).

5. For me to tour the world with a guitar.

6. To make a difference in lives, to inspire.

7. For no one to ever feel lonely.

7 Things You Like About Yourself

1. I have a mommy and daddy who are both very cuddly.

2. I like my hair now although it may be getting a little thick.

3. I don’t really like to watch television.

4. I don’t spend much money (or at least my parents think so)

5. I adapt easily to situations.

6. I appreciate good-looking people (you’re welcome).

7. I like to make people laugh.

7 Things You Dont Like About Yourself

1. I have eyebags because I don’t quite like to sleep early.

2. I have horrible short-term memory.

3. It takes a lot of effort to blog 😦

4. I like to call people names (it may be a good thing).

5. I treat my possessions very badly.

6. I procrastinate a lot. Aaaaaa lot.

7. I could be a more honest person. And less erratic.

7 Things On Your Mind Right Now

1. Rebecca and her cuteness on Skype (:

2. How to teach English to kids in Malay.

3. Finishing my applications.

4. Hoping that I can wake up in time tomorrow / wondering how I am going to sleep.

5. I need shiny, new guitar strings.

6. β€œOh god, it’s already 2.30 a.m”

7. β€œWhere is my toothbrush?”

7 Things You Hope To Accomplish Soon

1. To sleep in a more normal fashion.

2. Shopping.

3. Developing my writing style.

4. To satisfactorily cross out all the miscellaneous items on my Google Task List.

5. Removing my latent prejudices.

6. Saying thank you to everyone who has ever done something for me.

7. More memes. This is actually rather fun. (:

Feel free to steal this meme, just remember to drop a link back to this page. Take care!

(obtained from quaintly.net)


3 thoughts on “7 Things.

  1. “I strut and swagger when I walk.”
    LOLOLLOLOLOLO the person above me noticed it too. YES YOU FREAKIN DO but stay that way, please cuz I now know I’m not the only one who naturally does it (i control tho).

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