If you have a million ants, and you have to put them into a cage one at a time, which ant do you choose to put in first?

First one to guess what this metaphor is for gets a free smiley. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Ants.

  1. You have many many friends. But you have to choose which ones you want to keep in touch with and stuff like that. Although you wish to be able to keep in contact with all of them, you see the reality of the situation which is, you cant. So now, its hard to choose.

  2. My 2nd attempt: You have so much time now, you dont know how to use it. So you think of a metaphor that best describes your current situation.

    “If you have a million ants, and you have to put them into a cage one at a time, which ant do you choose to put in first?”

    You are so free, you actually have the time to think of which ant to put in first.

  3. My lateral reasoning attempt: To do the somehat impossible requires one to think smart.
    If you have a million ants and to put them one at a time in a cage would take a very very long time especially when you take into account the time to grab an ant, hover it over the cage and drop it in and when they are stubborn and use their feet to cling on so you waste more time trying to flick it into the cage. Then you go on to ant number two which would basically do the samething plusminus the stubbornness.

    In summary, you should go for the queen ant. Cuz those 999,999 ants would follow the damn queen into the cage which would defintely save u alot of time. Hence, making the impossible possible.

  4. Another lame attempt: You are that evil witch from the story ‘ Hansel and Gretel’ and you forgot to use your ‘Ants Away’ spell on your sweet house that day.

  5. i guess it’s something like, there’s so much things we want to do/accomplish, but we don’t know which one to do first. i guess it applies to our interests and dreams as well….?

  6. heyy! can i guess too??

    erm… mine would be like there’s too many girls interest you and you can’t choose one to settle on. 😀 *slaps ownself* but yeah. I thought of that lame one… PEACE!

  7. Too many choices! But whichever you choose the end result is the same, so just go ahead and choose already?

    I guess I’m late to the game?

  8. Omg r u kidding me this is TOO EASY.

    You’ve just laid a woman. Assuming you’re straight. Which sperm fertilizes the egg, and hence leads to your first child?

  9. LOVE the last one XD

    here’s my attempt : there are so many choices as to which direction your life goes in, where you work and what you do, which country and which field you explore; especially in the aspect of tertiary education : IB, A levels, etc. But despite the myriad of choices, you still have to choose in the end, so gather all the information, make a decision, and stand by it! no regrets!

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