Snapshots- Kuala Lumpur.

Figured that a few photos would do my (mostly) monochromatic blog some good. Mostly taken on my wanderings in the city.

“Sayangi Kuala Lumpur”

Signs like these pose an interesting question- are we, as citizens, obligated to love our country, and consequentially, the capital of our country? Or should we only care for our country as much as our country ‘cares’ for us, if it does at all?

Bench, Jalan Chow Kit.

I was approached by a very scary Bangladeshi / Pakistani man while sitting on a bench like this. He also had one front tooth missing. But that is a tale for another time

TV shop, Jalan Chow Kit.

In the afternoons, all sorts of people crowd round the front of the shop, watching. And for a brief moment in time they can stop living their lives / and just let time pass them by. I wonder how many missed appointments have been caused by this shop. I also wonder how many dreams began here.

Stairs, Monorail station, Jalan Chow Kit.

So there was this one time where I was really bored/ itchy legs/ rebellious and I decided to try getting on to the monorail without paying. And I realized that behind the ticket counter, there was a large white box on the floor which you could step on and then climb over the railing- hence bypassing the ticket machines (which I did- once). So if you’re really desperate / adventurous / itchy legs like me you can try it too

“Mmmmmmmm. Sedap.”

The 2 ringgit you spend on buying a ice cream for a cute little girl is probably the best RM 2 you’re about to spend in a long time.


Have a good day. If things don’t turn out the way that you want them to turn out to be,

there’s always ice cream. đŸ˜‰


Found this on

Golden Snitch,

The chase is on, boy; but I haven’t even seen you yet – or met you.

I’m tired of hovering above the crowds and stands, always on edge. I’m tense because I’m afraid that I’ll catch only a glimmer of your perfection before another girl steals you away.

Please. Fly in my direction. I’d hate to let Gryffindor down.



hahahahahah why am I so sentimental


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