All the Tumblr-reading I’ve been doing these few days makes me wonder-

“How can there be so many pretty things in this world?”

Which inspires me to be one of the people who makes the pretty things.


Tumblr is horribly addictive. It’s like the fast food of the blogging world- served quickly, in small portions (all heavily seasoned and colored). Everything just look so irresistibly pretty. Before Tumblr came around (maybe 3-4 years ago), I used to frequent this site called hemmy.net, which posted a variety of things; from lego sushi sculptures to picture of The Girl Who Can’t Close Her Mouth (LOL). Sites like these selected the links that provided the most amount of entertainment value within the shortest amount of time, which is all fine and good, until you realize that you lost half the afternoon watching people balance rocks (ok maybe that’s pretty cool).

But at the end of the day, does it really serve a purpose? Does the consumption of all the cyber fast-food help you achieve your goals and improve your life, or does it only make you spend more time on other people’s lives?

This is probably one of the reasons I didn’t choose Tumblr as the site to host my blog- because it gears you towards republishing content from other Tumblrs (is that a valid noun?) and doesn’t actually make you produce content. Of course, there are still a rare few Tumblrs which post a substantial amount of writing (those are the ones I keep on top of my reading list). But then again this is pretty contradictory considering the fact that I republish a significant amount of content here. Hmm. Tumblr is also way prettier than WordPress. It also has the ultra-cool Ask-Me-A-Question feature. Meh.

Oh well. I guess pretty things never really hurt anyone.

(from skyhopper, if you were wondering)

In the meantime, I shall balance rocks. And open my mouth whenever I’m in a photo.



Random fact- “Tumblr” starts to sound ridiculous after you say it a hundred times. True fact. You can try this with any other name.

Have a good day! 😉


3 thoughts on “Tumblr.

  1. ‘it gears you towards republishing content from other Tumblrs and doesn’t actually make you produce content.’
    Deja vu- i was just thinking along the lines of this statement today while going through my reading list.

    i could be biased, since i’m more of a blog person :/ ‘sides, people republish stuff on a blog with a personal opinion most of the time. not quite so for Tumblr-ers (is THAT a valid noun?)
    …but they ARE pretty. Tumblrs.

  2. haha, quite.
    which is exactly why i read your stuff.
    it’s originally Keefe and un-Tumblr-like, to say the least. 🙂

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