Execution and Exculpation.

It’s not a sign of weakness to give people chances.

We grow.

We learn from mistakes.

But the moment someone reminds you why you had to give them another chance in the first place is the moment you need to stop.

From The Essential Man– “On Chances”


7 thoughts on “Execution and Exculpation.

  1. I don’t really understand the last line. Clarify? It doesn’t seem consistent with the first three lines. If they’ve reminded you why you gave them the chance, why would you need to stop?

  2. Perhaps he uses the word ‘chances’ in the context of mercy and forgiveness.
    In that case, his point, I think, is that ‘The quality of mercy is not strain’d’.
    that forgiveness can only be given freely, not earned, because it is a voluntary act, motivated from within, not triggered externally.
    So it’s not a matter of whether the offending party ‘deserves’ a second chance, but whether you feel compelled to give them one.
    I think.

  3. No wait, disregard that. Upon further inspection, he simply means that if they keep making the same mistakes, they aren’t learning from them, in which case, there’s no point giving them more chances.

    But I disagree with the ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy. sometimes you have to make the same mistake a couple of times before you truly learn from it.

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