Sooner or later we probably have to deal with the possibility that there isn’t life after death; that there aren’t things that are absolutely good, or absolutely bad; or that we humans will never actually know our purpose of existence, assuming that we actually have a purpose.

Sooner or later we’ll have to deal with the very likely possibility that we just happened to exist on a cold, lonely star in the middle of an unknown universe.

So what? Does that make our current existence any less valuable, or any less meaningful?

Definitely not.

(photo pilfered from andrewlza.blogdrive.com)


2 thoughts on “Existence.

  1. it just makes our current existence, our life to be more lively filling with colours and wonders cause you’ll never gonna know what’s happening next. just have to live out the best of ourselves in every moment of life neither worrying bout the future nor the past that have been holding us back.. 🙂

    1. Never in the world have I expected to get a comment at 2.20 in the morning 🙂 Your comment is very welcome, and very well said indeed.

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