Journal Entry #3

(Another late night blog post, yay)

In Standard 4, I filled up one of my friends’ autograph books (it was black and diary-sized, if I recall. One of those mass produced organizers that companies send around and no one really uses). I really like autograph books- they’re some kind of cryogenic freeze on our personalities that allow us to analyse and smile at our previous selves. And from there, we notice the things about ourselves that changed (“Hobbies- collecting stamps”) to the things that didn’t change (“Birthday- 29 December 1992”).

After I filled up the autograph book, it was soon passed around, and people started talking about it. I then realized that quite a few of my classmates (the boys, mainly) were looking at my page and giggling. Something they had noticed in particular was what I filled up in the “Hobbies” section. While my other male friends usually filled that row up with things like “sleeping, cycling, playing com games, reading (all quoted from my own autograph book- they’re authentic)”, I filled in something else.

My row went something like this:

Hobbies: Talking to girls

which apparently, most people found amusing (Standard 4 Keefe was probably just being the honest, cheeky boy that went around pulling girls’ hair and stealing water bottles which ended up with a coalition of girls complaining to his mother on Report Card Day- but more on that another time). I suppose that’s one thing that really hasn’t changed much; my friends are disproportionately female, except either one or two close male friends (the figure usually hovers around the number ‘one’, and very occasionally enters the realm of ‘two’)

I’ve never really been one for cliques- at least not the kind of cliques that I’ve seen so far. Personal, one-on-one interaction has always been something I’m more comfortable with. I like intimacy and touch- in some ways I think that my connection and bond with someone is directly proportional with the amount of physical contact we make. I love the feel of a handshake and the warmth of a hug- it closes the gap between two people in a irreplaceable manner.

The two premises: 1) I have primarily girl friends, and 2) I touch my friends a lot (typing this out actually makes me realize how odd this sounds, hmm) necessarily leads to conclusion 3) I touch girls a lot, which has also necessarily gotten me into quite a bit of trouble. There are generally two possible groups of people which this trait of mine can offend:

1) People who don’t quite like being touched

When I meet people in this category I’m usually in for a rude shock. Awkwardness (which may or may not be prolonged) usually follows- along with apologies (“Sorry sorry I didn’t know that you didn’t like hugs / don’t shake hands / aren’t allowed to touch boys without your dad’s permission). These are people I can genuinely sympathize with, and I usually apologize quite a bit to them. However, there also are:

2) People who feel uncomfortable with me touching other people

This group includes people who go “it’s really not appropriate to touch at this age- people might get the wrong impression / don’t be such a pervert / why your hands so itchy one”. I, on occasion, have slightly less tolerance with people in this category. Most of them certainly are well-meaning, so there really isn’t much to rant about, actually. I actually do owe quite a bit to people from this group, because I do have the tendency to cross the line, from time to time, so thank you, dear reader-friend, if you happen to be one of the kind-hearted people who’ve advised me at any point in time. So- thanks! πŸ™‚

At the end of the day, I genuinely think that touch has the capacity to make better relationships (any kind, in fact). I should seriously consider starting a political party which advocates more hugging. Hmm.

(A note to readers- the “Journal” series is posted every Saturday- English homework. Hi Miss Diana! :] )


16 thoughts on “Journal Entry #3

  1. Aww so cute! :’) Hahaha I can’t believe in standard 4, you actually wrote “talking to girls” as your hobby.

    I love your hugs.


    Have a good day!Take care, Keefe.

    1. Hahahah yes I actually did write that. I love your hugs too! /hugback!

      Don’t sleep too late ya. Take care, Heidy! πŸ™‚

  2. omg i rmbr u when we were in primary school. you cracked me up so bad (and u still do)!
    good times mate, good times πŸ™‚

    i agree touching is a form of communicating with someone on a whole new and possibly better level but i guess some ppl just arent used to the fact that yr so friendly, warm and open. (this is why i think you should go overseas :P)

    lotsa love and hugs all the way from the UK xxxx

    1. Hahaha yes, good times in primary school indeed πŸ™‚ I suppose you’re one of the few people who understand what I mean! Very grateful for that πŸ™‚

      (I’m also loving your blog URL hahahaha)

      Much love and many hugs from the homeland. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Rachel! You’re too generous with the compliments, really =] Spread the love at KYUEM, and let me know if you’re ever in the PJ area- would love to take you out for lunch or dinner to repay your parent’s hospitality.

      *virtual hugback!*

  3. this brings back memories of my own autograph-collecting days :)it used to be a huge thing with me, and the best part is I still have the (rather dilapidated) book with me!
    i had a tuition friend when i was 11 and i asked her to sign my book before the last day of tuition. we lost contact for a long time. when i made a new friend in form 2, she told me her name- and when i checked through my book, it was the same tuition friend πŸ˜€
    haha, sorry for the lame story, but what i mean to say is keep that autograph book of yours well okay? you know why ❀ great post!

  4. I hug friends a lot, but shy back with certain people i’m unfamiliar with in case i’m intruding into their personal space. it’s a barrier to getting to know them better, sometimes. keep hugging people, keefe! =)

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