Did you know that the most attractive part of you
is your back?

It is supple, simple
but most importantly,

It is the sort of back
that I wouldn’t mind following
down a trail in a leafy, green forest
through a busy, cramped corridor
or onto a bridge arching across a still, brown river
even if the bridge is in the middle of nowhere.

Your back always seems to have direction
in a directionless world.
It moves forwards ever so swiftly, gracefully and consistently
never turning back
even if it occasionally pauses and rests.

But there is a price to always being behind you.
It means we never face each other
and exchange emotions
honestly and fearlessly
as equal friends do.

It means that we rarely walk side by side
to a common destination
however much I cherish those journeys.

The most attractive part of you is your back,
but I wish I knew more of you.

[First time I have written a poem in a long time. I seriously underestimated how emotional and difficult the writing process is. But the catharsis and release is worth it.]


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